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GT FLEX roadshow


The sound leader Greg Thomas has been involved in Notting Hill Carnival since 1986 providing entertainment to ‘000 of revellers year after year.

Featuring regular DJ’s Firin Squad, Mr Bibs, Mr Burns as well as guest DJs and new female DJ’s Renee & Rosie.

Fast facts

Member name: Greg Thomas
Job Title: Sound Leader
Sound system: GT Flex Roadshow
Music Type:  Various types: RnB, Hip Hop, UKG, House, Dancehall, Reggae and Old Skool Party Classics
Contact:  Email:

Instagram #GTFlex86

Mobile 07778781518

Usual Carnival location: Middle Row/Conlan Street, Kensington, London W10

We can confirm there will be entertainment by guest DJ’s from KISS FM, Beat FM, Capital Xtra and Mi Soul Radio stations in addition local upcoming DJ’s.

What is a ‘Sound System’? How does it differ from a normal mobile DJ or a Club PA System?

I would define a ‘Sound’ is a super-amplified mobile system, invariably called by a name, manned by a team of individuals, each having real skills, who together create a unique party vibe wherever they set up and play recorded music of their choice.

Block Party, was formed in the late 80s by a collection of young DJ’s born and bred outa London but with that City Swagger and born out of the love of music from the ’80s ’90s and ’00s onwards. It’s not just a sound it’s a movement of people controlled by DJ’s and MC’s taking people on a musical journey with a taste from a broad and diverse range of selection of beats and rhymes. 

Block Party started initially by Music Incorporated then GT Flex Roadshow over 28 years ago. Block Party keeps getting re-invented every year. Later in the mid-nineties, the movement was joined by The Mayhem Crew & Gigolos Crew, KC and most recently by DJ Krisis and DJ Ska (the best in the West!) along with within our opinion the best sound system at Notting Hill Carnival Papa Joe’s.

The crew oozes creativity, diversity and keeps your dreams alive – all of which help set them apart from other sounds as they span over 35 years of playing ‘Sound’.  The fusion between the two generations of sound system explains the diversity of crew, with the Music Incorporated building the original set and Mayhem Crew taking it into the new millennium and now GT Flex Roadshow into the digital age……..

If you have never been to a Block Party, set you have not lived Carnival in its fullness. Dj’s within the sound battle and clash each other feeding of the atmosphere sampling anything from Rare Groove, 80’s Soul, Jungle, R’n’B, 90’s Hip Hop, Dubplates, Dancehall and the Slow Jamz that lockdown streets.

Peace & Love always


years at NH carnival


dj’s entertaining over the years

1.5 m+

people ‘aving fun at the party


NEEd a marketing activation at notting hill carnival?